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Animal Embassy has created a distance learning studio to help provide content and enrichment to augment any school's science or environmental based curriculum. Topics include geography, zoology, ecology, biology, biodiversity, life cycles, adaptations, classification, endangered species, wildlife, and the environment. We are flexible with group size, work with all ages, and can use a variety of different platforms to connect online.

Our programs are interactive, fact-driven, ecologically minded, entertaining, and educational. Animal Embassy specializes in social/emotional learning and blends community and environmentally based thinking, to enable students to take ownership of the world around them, and recognize their value in making it a better place. By drawing parallels to our own diversity and the diversity of life on Earth we help students to appreciate what makes us alike, as well as the things that make us unique. Organisms play an integral role in the communities they are a part of, and “Heroes” can take many different forms. We have a variety of topics for all ages but are able to customize our presentation to fit your needs.

Animal Embassy is located on three beautiful acres in Westchester New York. Founder and Director Christopher Evers and Rebecca Bose, his life partner, bought the property in December 2015. Evers started moving animals to his newly renovated building, on the property in 2017. The two affectionately call their eclectic place, Flying Pig Farm. It is their sanctuary as well as being home to over 50 species of rescued and adopted domestic and exotic animal life, as well as providing habitat for diverse local wildlife.

Specific Programs for Libraries: 

There are two types of online offerings for libraries:

 1. Storytime with Naturalist Chris Evers: 

  • Option 1: Chris reads a timeless classic like the Lorax, other Dr. Seus, or Rudyard Kipling story. Each story will be accompanied by appropriate animal ambassadors and artifacts.
  • Option 2: Chris tells a story from his global travels during his quest to track and photograph the most critically endangered species on the planet. Topics include Jaguars in Brazil, tigers in India, gorillas in Rwanda, polar bears near the North Pole, and kayaking with humpback whales in Alaska. Chris’s amazing wildlife photography, artifacts, and live animal ambassadors help Chris to tell an amazing story and bring the adventure to life.

2.Amazing Animal Online Ambassadors (AAOA):

  • Choose from our list of library offerings. All programs have been field-tested and have received librarian and patron stamps of approval. Our featured online program for the next month is “Heroes of the Animal Kingdom”. Explore what it means to be a hero.

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Via email, or by phone:203.655.5404.

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