Chris Evers, Director & Founder of Animal Embassy, is in the midst of a two-week journey throughout the Pantanal region of Brazil, one of the world's largest wetlands. This trip is part of Chris' life-long pursuit to learn about, study and photograph critically endangered species around the globe. He will be seeking out Jaguars, Giant otters, Hyacinth macaws and Giant anteaters. Pictured above is a beautiful Toucan.

The long stretch of dirt road pictured above serves as access to the Pantanal, and brought Chris to the lodge he stayed in during the first stretch of his adventure. Wildlife abounds on both sides. It is the dry season so life is concentrated around the remaining water. It is currently the end of the dry season.

The Paraguyian caiman is sometimes referred to as southern spectacled or piranha caiman. These crocodilians are very common in this area. The beautiful, tough skin of many crocodilians has placed numerous species at risk.

There is by no means a shortage of these caimans in this region.

Giant otters can be six and a half feet long and weigh up to 75 pounds. Habitat loss and over-hunting for their pelts are the two main reasons for their dramatic decline in numbers. Giant otters once occurred throughout Amazonian South America from Venezuela to northern Argentina, but are now absent from much of its range.

Good quality habitat and lack of hunting has preserved the species in this part of its range.

With an increase of ecotourism to the area over the last ten years, the value of living otters and other wildlife has increased, leading to a greater increase in local interest for conservation.

The Capybara is the largest rodent in the world and is very common in this area. 

Many of the fish-eating birds are born during the dry season when the fish are densely concentrated. These young Jabiru storks will soon leave the nest.

The Blue tegu is a smaller tegu and is renowned for its light blue coloration, which is most intense on adult males. The coloring of a blue tegu can range from an all white to a powder blue, to platinum.

These beautiful raptors, the Crested caracara, are largely scavengers, preferring savannah habitat.


Chris has left for the Transpanteneira Road to head deeper into the Pantanal, to an area called Porto Jofre. He will spend three nights on a "hotel boat" and the three days searching for Jaguars. Stay tuned!

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