At the recent Waterside Works Diversity Fest in Stamford, Connecticut, we reflected on the importance of educating children about diversity, and what diversity means for all of us. At Animal Embassy, we believe that positive portrayals of global diversity help people of all ages learn to respect and appreciate all living things, as well as experience our differences in an inspiring way. Above, a traditional South American dancer who had performed at the Diversity Fest took a break to feed Sully, the African Sulcata Tortoise.

Later, the dancer and her friend spontaneously began to dance around our tortoise - this was an incredible experience for those observing.

Above, one of the dancers helped Chris to demonstrate the difference in size between a baby Sulcata Tortoise and its adult counterpart.

Above, a group of young festival attendees interacted with Sully, who is almost their size. The message we convey is that animals, like humans, come in many different forms as we do. Long, tall, big or small, we are all important to the world that surrounds us.

Tiki, the Cockatoo, requires much care and has needs that are often a challenge to meet in captivity. Tiki helps us in our mission to teach children that the ideal place for a wild animal is it's natural habitat. By learning to respect animals and the vital role they play in their delicate ecosystem, children learn that we must respect all living things and the homes they live in.

Through participation in community events (Sustain White Plains Celebration for Earth Day is pictured above), we introduce community members to animals from around the globe as well as the cultures of the regions they represent. Above, a large Green Iguana represents the rainforests of Central America.

We often include wildlife artifacts, musical instruments and colorful tapestries from the areas to which our Animal Ambassadors are indigenous. 

Like humans, South American Chinchillas come in a diversity of colors (above). Frogs are also creatures of many colors, sizes & shapes (below).

Above a young African Bullfrog with special needs is hand-fed regularly so that he has the proper sustenance to survive.

With a diverse group of live Animal Ambassadors from around the globe, our outreach programming helps children to understand the importance of appreciating our similarities as well as celebrating our differences. Animals help us all to discover the value each creature has in its natural environment, and how its appearance and behavior help it to survive. We draw parallels with our own lives and discover that we too, play an important role in our community no matter our color, shape or size. Animal Embassy enables people of all ages to connect with the natural world, while learning the importance of kindness and tolerance for all living things.

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