Each year we bring Marine Ecology & Biology to life with classroom visits. Our programming includes a diversity of marine specimens - from male & female lobsters, crabs, sea stars and sea urchin, as well as sponge, like the Red Bearded Sponge pictured above.

This Red Bearded Sponge can be found growing in thick clumps on rocks, piers, and pilings in shallow waters as well as on oyster reefs in deeper waters. In the photo above, one can see the hitchhiker; a flat-clawed hermit crab (not in a shell) carrying eggs. 

Students get hands-on with a variety of wildlife artifacts including shark teeth, whale teeth, shark egg cases and whale vertebrae.

We collect incredible specimens from the water, and at times have a little assistance from boat captains who unintentionally bring in exciting species with their nets. Above, beautiful Common Sea Stars. All of the creatures were released back to their habitat after helping to educate children.

This Lion's Mane Jellyfish was one of those gems a local boat captain helped us to collect.

The Horseshoe Crab is an important part of the ecology of coastal communities – this specimen is a wonderful teaching tool.

Conservation of this marine arthropod is vital. It is an animal that is significantly depended upon by many other species in its ecosystem.

Animal Embassy staff and interns participated in a horseshoe crab tagging program. Tagging helps biologists in their research and conservation efforts.

Often included in our marine ecology programming is a digital slide presentation of photos taken by our director, depicting the diversity of life found on Frederick Sound (Alaska) and Long Island Sound. Above, an American Coot and below, Harbor Seals on Long Island Sound.

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