Animal Embassy specializes in both live and online educational and interactive experiences for students of all ages, varying needs and special abilities. Program offerings enable students to connect with the natural world in a nurturing & safe environment through online animal visits, wildlife artifact exhibits and digital slide presentations.

Animal Embassy brings the
classroom to you

With online programs covering geography, zoology, ecology, biology, biodiversity, life cycles, adaptations, classification, endangered species, wildlife, and the environment. We are flexible with group size, work with all ages, and can use a variety of different platforms to connect online.

Animal Embassy has the unique ability to: 

  • Bring science-based, live animal experiences to people of all ages. 
  • Provide interactive programming that brings science curriculum “to life” for school students.
  • Help children to appreciate the diversity of life on Earth with an extraordinary variety of live Animal Ambassadors.
  • Encourage critical thinking by facilitating the recognition of our similarities and appreciation of the differences in all living things.
  • Provide anti-bullying/community-building programs with live Animal Ambassadors.
  • Entertain, educate and engage people of all ages and differing abilities.
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Animal Embassy provides programs created to make your event unique and unforgettable.

From large corporate events to birthday parties to family reunions our event programs can be customized to complement your needs and share the wonders of nature.

Animal Embassy


Animal Embassy offers animal experiences that your children will not soon forget! Bring your lesson to life with an age appropriate selection of exotic animals and wildlife artifacts.

Take an adventure around the world with exotic Animal Ambassadors representing a variety of habitats from around the globe.

Children learn of the incredible attributes that allow these diverse creatures to thrive in their natural environments. 

Animal Embassy


Animal Embassy offers a wide variety of educational programs and experiences for children of all ages, adults and seniors alike.

From pre-school through high school, our popular program offerings allow children and young adults to connect with the natural world through online animal visits. Our school programs can be tailored to meet specific themes or curriculum goals.

Animal Embassy

Choose from our list of program offerings by clicking on the age group below. The topics are suggestions and can all be adapted to suit the audience and message desired.

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Animal Embassy

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Our educators have all been fully vaccinated.

When working closely with the children we will “mask up”. When presenting information about the ambassadors or providing handling instructions we will be unmasked, and at least six feet away from our audience.

Hand sanitizer must be used before anyone touches one of our animal ambassadors and should again be applied at the end of the live animal portion of your party.

We will gladly follow more stringent protocols upon request. At this time we have been providing only outdoor or online programs. As the covid landscape/climate changes over time we too will evolve to provide the same level of safety we continually strive for.

Animal Embassy Nature Walk

Take a tour of Flying Pig Farm,  home to over 50 species of rescued and adopted domestic and exotic animal life, as well as providing habitat for diverse local wildlife.

Animal Embassy provides children with fun and educational experiences and content without leaving the comfort of their own home.  

Chris maintains a collection of nearly 100 exotic animals, most are refugees of the pet trade. Chris has been rescuing and adopting animals for 30 years. Live video feeds are 30-60 minutes in duration and include between 6 and 10 animals, depending on the age and number of children, and the topic to be presented. 

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