Birthday Parties with Animal Embassy in Your Home or Venue


Animal Embassy offers a live animal experience that your children will not soon forget! Bring your party to life with an age appropriate selection of live, exotic animals and wildlife artifacts.

Take an adventure around the world with exotic Animal Ambassadors representing a variety of habitats from around the globe. Children are encouraged to touch or handle animals and artifacts as they learn of the incredible attributes that allow these diverse creatures to thrive in their natural environments.

Amazing Ambassadors

This package includes a diverse group of animal ambassadors that hail from habitats across the globe. 

Your child and guests will be amazed by these incredible animals and the amazing adaptations they have to survive the threats and challenges of their natural habitats.

Based on age, number of children, particular interest of the birthday child, feeding schedules, venue…we will select an incredible line up of 8 or so animal ambassadors for a hands-on, interactive, entertaining and educational live animal experience.

Amazing Ambassadors may include animals like a: grey chinchilla, dwarf or lop eared rabbit, Henna the brahma chicken, yellow bellied slider, leopard or red foot tortoise, Sinaloan milk, variable king, baby boa or carpet python, Madagascar panther chameleon, monkey tailed skink, mossy cave frog or golden eyed tree frog, tomato frog or Argentinian horned frog, spotted salamander, gargoyle or crested geckos.

Age: 2-4 years Maximum 15 children
Age: 5 and up Maximum 20 children

(Travel fee determined by distance to and from the party)

$10.00 fee for each additional child

Extreme Animals! 

This package includes some of our larger, and rare/ unusual, exotic animal ambassadors.

For this program we bring approximately 10 animals and provide a hands-on, interactive, entertaining and educational live animal experience.

Extreme Animals could include (depending on availability and time of year):  eclectus parrot, Flemish giant rabbit, 65 pound sulcata tortoise, alligator snapping turtle, dwarf caiman, leopard tortoise pair with babies, red foot tortoise pair with babies, white and grey chinchillas, python or boa constrictor, giant gecko, monitor lizard or large iguana, giant African bull frog, giant cane toad, white’s or red eyed tree frogs.

Age: 2-4 years Maximum 15 children
Age: 5-9 years Maximum 25 children
Age: 10 and up Maximum 35 children

(no travel fee up to 45 miles distance)

$25 fee for each additional child

Maximum: 35 children

*Please contact us for larger parties

Extreme Plus! 

This is a custom designed party, details to be determined individually. This party will include everything in the Extreme Animals package plus extras. Personalized details to be discussed reservation process.

*Please contact us for pricing and availability

  1.  A shaded or covered space for the safety of the animals. (We can provide a pop up tent with a canopy top upon request).

  2. A parking spot as close to where we will be set up as possible. Due to the heat in summer and cold in winter we may need to keep certain animals in our vehicle to manage a proper temperature for them before and after the animal makes their appearance (it’s like a travelling green room).

  3. A six foot table. (We can provide one upon request).

  4. Set up: children should have enough space to sit in a half circle on the grass, blankets, or chairs 8-10 feet away from the presenter. This facilitates interactivity between the presenter and the party-goers.

Presentations are 45-60 minutes, dependent upon the age of the children.

Travel Fees: A travel fee will be assessed based on your location and will be determined upon booking.

For booking, inquiries and questions call  203.655.5404 or Email Us:

Animal Embassy
Animal Embassy

P.O. Box 4461
Stamford, CT


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